Everything is Unfinished

Is there anything in this world that isn’t in motion? From cosmos to atoms, humans to opinions, we are but tiny specs on long dotted lines, infinite and incomplete, as this very list is.

Love the process

Embrace mistakes, failures, detours, wanders, accidents, experiments. Counting on them as blessings helps us take greater risks and brings our journey to more exciting places.

Subjective Everywhere

In life’s moving mosaic of bias where someone’s blindspot is somebody else’s focus, we can’t be our best without active listening, ignorance admitting, and context seeking.

Meaning is how not what

Fluid, nomadic, emerging: meaning is inseparable from the system that builds it. Focus less on the parts to better see the relations. Less flatness, more difference. Less nouns, more verbs.

Contrast is the solution

Apparently, it’s natural to avoid conflict. It’s also wrong. What we need is better, smarter, kinder conflict that puts our differences to work to engineer models that suit everybody.

We are the artists

As Joseph Beuys points out, we’re all capable of meaning, revealing, transforming. This makes anyone, anything, anywhere—everyone, everything, everywhere!—responsible for change.

Borders are porous

Countries, humans, ideas: permeability makes endless possibilities. But the more lines and boxes we invent, the more dangerous echoes and bubbles we create.


New things can only happen if we leave them space. Uncertainty allows for unsprouted ideas, unencountered options, undiscovered paths, and others we haven’t met yet.

Make your own metrics

Invent your own rules, your own tools, your own platforms, your own algorithms. And if you can’t, at least keep in mind that the most valuable things can never be counted.

Treasure time

We can’t cheat it nor hardly buy it and it may well be our most universal currency. Let us honor time’s wisdom and pass down its lessons, cherishing memory and celebrating age.

Play hybrid

Multi-inter-intra-meta-multi-micro-macro-pre-post-poly-hybrid: give it a name if you must, but play with borders enough to enjoy something different while still feeling yourself.

Seed curiosity

No matter the issue, this one philosophy cannot sour or bitter. Grow understanding but bury prejudice. Glean serendipity and harvest empathy. Learn from fear and cultivate curiosity.