UNFINISHED is a vibrant community of global thinkers and makers. Part festival, part talks, part exhibition, part undefined, it is an experience in constant evolution.

The name UNFINISHED reflects our core belief: that making the world a more conscious place is a continuous work in progress. That we should never stop growing and questioning ourselves. That we should be willing to take risks and learn from failure. That is why we bring together a wide range of exceptional people from all backgrounds and age groups, offering them radical venues and ever-evolving gatherings for honest dialogue, knowledge-sharing and the creation of lasting connections.

UNFINISHED surpasses the thresholds of classic event structures and bridges the gaps – both geographical and cognitive – between people, between generations and between practices. And beyond these bridges, we delve into what sprouts in between disciplines and anticipate what is not yet defined as one. We thus celebrate curiosity as the single most important shared value in the quest for change across fields and borders.


EIDOS Foundation is pleased to present Unknowing Knowns | Knowing Unknowns, an exhibition provoked by our current times’ relationship to knowledge. The artworks it brings together demonstrate an array of creative strategies employed by artists from all across the world to bridge the voids of knowledge fragmentation and breach the walls of the artworld’s tendency for hermeticity.

In conversation rather than exhibition, the artworks from Unknowing Knowns | Knowing Unknowns encourage viewers and makers to question what they know, how they know and, most importantly, become keenly aware of how much more there is to know outside of their own social circles, disciplines and world-views. The artists invited to contribute to Unknowing Knowns | Knowing Unknowns have practices that are anchored in research and permeate fields of knowledge far beyond the confines of the artworld.


Located in the former Royal Palace in Bucharest’s Revolution Square, the National Museum of Art of Romania is the country’s prime holder of Romanian, European and Oriental art. It comprises galleries of National, European and Modern Art, as well as the Arts Collections Museum, the K. H. Zambaccian Museum and the Theodor Pallady Museum. In addition to its 23 permanent collections and numerous temporary exhibitions, the museum offers guided tours of the former Throne Hall and other spaces of historical relevance. The MNAR re-opened in 2013 after 27 years of renovation work and UNFINISHED, picking up the thread of history from this influential monument, is the very first festival to ever receive the privilege of holding a four-day event in both its modern galleries and momentous reception halls. The National Museum of Art is also hosting the official World Press Photo exhibition, likewise organized by EIDOS Foundation, from May 2nd to May 23rd, 2018. www.mnar.arts.ro/en

Festival Team



festival founder

CRISTIAN MOVILA is a photographer & visual artist based in Bucharest. For the last decade, he has been collaborated with The New York Times, TIME magazine and National Geographic on subjects spanning most of the globe focusing on the human condition and social issues. He founded EIDOS FOUNDATION in 2009.



festival creative director & curator

RAMONA TODOCA is a Romanian award-winning art director living and working in New York. For the past 7 years, she has been working for top advertising firms on projects for Google, IBM, Gucci and The New York Times. Currently a Senior Art Director at Droga5, Ramona works at the intersection between design, art and technology. In her spare time, she is a focusing on creative collaborations and cultural projects.



graphic designer

EVELIN BUNDUR, a freckled illustrator from the East, graduated with a Graphic Design Degree from the Visual Arts University in Bucharest. After several years of working as an Art Director in advertising, she decided to take a leap into freelancing wildlife. She co-founded Visual Playground, an alternative graphic design and illustration school, through which she met some of the most acclaimed fellow artists from around the globe.



partnerships director

SILVIA FLOARES is an experienced project & event manager, for the past 10 years she has been part of The Institute team, the organizers of Civil Society Gala, Effie Awards, Romanian Design Week, Internetics Digital Week, coordinating fundraising and communication activities. At the moment she joined The Temple, a Romanian digital Agency and continues to be inspired by projects and people with long term visions and never ending enthusiasm.



artistic & programming coordinator

CAPUCINE GROS is a Switzerland-born artist currently working somewhere between New York and Bucharest. She is represented by Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, New York / Harare and splits her time between her own performance-based and geography-focused practice and other collaborative projects. Capucine participated to UNFINISHED17 as an artist and was invited back in 2018 to become EIDOS FOUNDATION’s first artist-in-residence.



operations & guest manager

SONIA DRAGOS is a passionate event organiser, based in Bucharest. With more than eight years experience in Artists and Guest Management and event organisation her aim is to contribute to the implementation of great concepts through professional event planning! While tackling different fields like project management, PR or Community Management, the main projects she has been focusing on the last ten years are performance arts festivals, conferences and sports events. The most important contributions were to Comedy Cluj International Film Festival, STEPS Contemporary Dance Festival, Global Youth Rising Forum, Untold Festival and Neversea Festival.



production manager

FLORIANA SANDU started to work in Film Production in 2000. Curious and organised by nature, she embraced the mixture of creative and practical skills. She started by working in commercials, then in features, learning by being thrown into the deep end while being given little or no information and juggling several jobs at once.



space designer

ANIELA BAN is an architect based in Bucharest working in cinema, art, and design. Passionate about creating brand new worlds, even if they are fantasy, reality or her own. She loves experimenting and is always looking to create distinctive, efficient and functional designs.



space design director



community manager

STEFANIA CIOROBA started to work in event management in 2013. She graduated from BI Norwegian Business School and the University of St. Gallen with a Master’s degree in Strategic Management. Upon graduation, she has returned to Romania and started building upon her passion for education, specifically training and development. She interned at the Aspen Institute Romania and she is currently the co-president of Aspire for Education, an NGO aimed at shaping youth potential through leadership and entrepreneurship programs.


Joseph Calvo, Web Developer
Chloe Karayiannis, Motion Designer