Simona Chesaraicu

Psychotherapist, Mindfulness teacher
Simona Chesaraicu is a psychotherapist, qualified to teach MBSR programs (Mindfulness
based interventions for stress management).

For Simona mindfulness became not only a generous personal way of finding balance and
peace in a frantic world, but also a great mean to support people around her to be more
present and aware about everything that is. She is committed to build meaningful
therapeutic relationships with clients and helping them learn how to make better choices in
their lives to increase fulfilment and achieve their goals.

Whether your goal is to train your attention, to become more emotionally balanced and
increase your resilience, be more creative and efficient, or just to learn how to navigate
through the difficulties, Simona’s aim is to accompany you, with her heart and mind, with
kindness and compassion.



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