Marius Șoflete

Engineer, Passive House Designer + Trainer

Marius Șoflete is one of the lead influencers of the Romanian construction industry, as he is both an experienced structural engineer - specialized in wooden structures, passive house design, sustainable constructions - and a very active vlogger. A former member of PRISPA - the first Romanian team participating in Solar Decathlon Competition, in 2012 - he founded Creative Engineering design office in 2013, based on a 360 deg view design philosophy toward constructions. 

Most of the office's projects had challenging conditions, developing into innovative solutions with a great impact on Romanian public perception of sustainable buildings, earning a rising level of attention among professionals and academia. 

In addition to his office projects, Marius is holding carpentry workshops with architecture students and certified Passive House Designer courses; as an external trainer for Romanian National Order of Architects, he is teaching Wooden Structures courses and Energy Efficiency Conformation courses for architects. 

With his vlog and youtube channel, Marius aims to educate the general public and to improve the quality of the Romanian building industry. Embracing a rather simplified, easily accessible vocabulary - to which he adds playful, childish drawings and diagrams - he explains complicated physical phenomena that are related to the designing process of a healthy and affordable low-energy consumption and low-environmental impact building.


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