Manolo Lopez

Social entrepreneur & Chef

Puerto Rican social entrepreneur & chef, Manolo López has focused on showcasing his culture through food and storytelling around the world. A cultural ambassador for Latinos, Manolo has done pop-ups in Japan, Colombia, México, Chile, Puerto Rico, amongst other countries, bringing Caribbean staples to different corners of the world. Manolo started his social work after hurricane Maria devastated his native Island in 2017. After being one of the first responders to enter the Island, he created brigades that brought clean water, warm food & medicine to towns all over Puerto Rico.

Two months after his first initiative he launched the Cosa Nuestra Relief Fund, a program designed to support the local economy after the storm by paying restaurants to create meals that would be given out free of charge all over the Island. This program is now being highlighted in Washington D.C as the best case study. Manolo has been named top 18 most influential Latinos of NY, created recipes for the New York Times & uses his platforms to create social change for Puerto Rico & the Latinx community. As he continues to evolve the work done in Puerto Rico, Manolo speaks around the world sharing his message of community building based on community needs.



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