Jurgis Didžiulis

Motivational Musician, Transformational Troubadour, Edutainer

Jurgis is hard to pin down with conventional labels. By seamlessly mixing his passion for music and social phenomenon, he transcends conventional formats to create exceptional participative experiences that inspire and enlighten in ways that traditional methods cannot.

Over the past 5 years, Jurgis has held over 500 sessions, interactive seminars, and participative performances aimed at upgrading humanity; helping teams tap into their social capital cache by creatively educating on emotional intelligence, values, participation, and community culture.

A mixed heritage (Colombia-Lithuanian), an education in Political Science and Business Administration, as well as a colourful professional background (from Eurovision to EU consultant), enables him to transcend formats and intimately connect with people in arenas, corporate boardrooms, royal receptions, and kindergartens alike.

At UNFINISHED, Jurgis will invite each and every one of us to partake in the act of making music together. He will be teaching us how to hack communities, reprogram social systems, and upgrade our individual and collective Operating Systems through inspirational musical play.



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