Isabella Nardini

Global Experience Leader, MESA

Isabella Nardini is the person designing the Experience behind MESA, a method created to unleash people’s full potential and deliver great results for extraordinary business challenges in 5 days.

Since 2015, she’s been dedicated to conceive and bring to life every single detail for a unique work experience: from real objects to sensible rituals that guarantee professional high performance and personal transformation.

Through her work, she is constantly experimenting with new ways to unleash creativity by building tailored experiences that move people's senses. She is currently living in São Paulo and running MESAs all over the world.

Lately, Isabella was a Mentor at Kaospilot, one of the biggest references in Experience Design in the world. Rituals she created were incorporated at the Cannes Lions Festival, changing the way the jury works.

With a degree of Graphic/Product Design and Jewelry, she has worked part of her early career as a jewel designer running her own brand with handcrafted pieces which gained the attention of major labels in Italy, where she lived for years. Still, in Italy, she shared the time working in the Design Week in Milan and the Art Bienalle in Venice.

As the Mesa Global Experience Leader, today, Isabella, have been helping organizations from all over the globe – including Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Netflix - and some of the most brilliant professionals of our times – including Kobe Bryant, Perry Chen, Cindy Gallop, and Neil Harbisson – to achieve a level of performance they themselves didn't know was possible.



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