Gabriel Pesa

Nutritionist and regeneration specialist, Biohacker

Gabriel has been a nutritionist and regeneration specialist (anti-ageing) for 20 years. His focus is body enhancement and optimal nutrition – biohacking the basics. 

His techniques focus on basic human body needs like Water, Enzymes, Amino acids, Oils, Antioxidants. He innovates fast recovery protocols and techniques by pushing the limits and performance of the human body. Gabriel works on cognitive enhancement and Nootropics utilizations by approaching basic technics for brokers, dealers, salesman, negotiators. He is the HR Manager and Expert of the DeCode Project since 2001, providing training and therapy in Human Design. Gabriel founded the ReSEX (Recoding Sexual Energy) Project for optimizing sexual energy for utilization in business and prosperity.

As a biohacker he is focusing his expertise in regeneration and optimizing metabolism for extreme conditions and performance (extreme sports, marathons, fast recovery); Augmentation; Optimizing techniques for skin, cell’s DNA, cells mitochondria and neurons; Sleep quality; Flow state; Stem cells and Exosomes activation techniques.

He is self-taught in various systems of nutrition and traditional Medicine. As part of his training, he is a coach and therapist in Holistic and Traditional Medicine with almost 15 years of experience (Shamanic medicine, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Life Coach, Well Being, Holistic Nutrition, Quantum medicine, Energy practices: Qi-Gong, Tensegrity, Sekhem, Chang-Zhang, Ling-Kung-Jing, etc.)

Nutrition and medicine represent for him a lifetime passion. It started as a dream to live 1000 years, but this turned into a life coaching and nutrition optimization system. This integrative approach re-aligns the body and push the performance. 

For decades he worked with people individually (peer-to-peer). Now is the time to offers his experience in a broader perspective.




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