Bogdan Simion

PhD Student in Letters, Singer, Cobza Player, Actor, Writer, Folklorist

PhD graduate in Letters, singer, cobza player, actor, folklore aficionado and occasional writer.
His work is among the few attempts after the fall of Communism dedicated to revitalizing
Romanian traditional oral music.

He is a permanent member of Agurida (Loredana Groza Band) and collaborated with important artists like Mihai Margineanu, Taraf de Haidouks, Loredana, Les Elephants Bizzarres, Chimie, El Nino, Samurai and others. He has worked on the soundtrack of the Romanian TV Series “Las Fierbinţi” (produced by ProTV) and worked as a live-music consultant for the upcoming TV Series “Flavours of Romania” (produced by the Travel Channel).
He considers that Romanian traditional music is so rare nowadays that it became almost exotic.


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