About us


We are a vibrant community of global thinkers and makers. Part festival, part talks, part art, part undefined, it is an experience in constant evolution.

The name UNFINISHED reflects our core belief: that making the world a more conscious place is a continuous work in progress. That we should never stop growing and questioning ourselves. That we should be willing to take risks and learn from failure. That is why we bring together a wide range of exceptional people from all backgrounds and age groups, offering them radical venues and ever-evolving gatherings for honest dialogue, knowledge-sharing and the creation of lasting connections.

UNFINISHED surpasses the thresholds of classic event structures and bridges the gaps – both geographical and cognitive – between people, between generations and between practices. And beyond these bridges, we delve into what sprouts in between disciplines and anticipate what is not yet defined as one. We thus celebrate curiosity as the single most important shared value in the quest for change across fields and borders.


Eidos Foundation

EIDOS Foundation is non-profit organization based in Bucharest, Romania, committed to supporting new cultural forms and practices on an international level and across disciplines. EIDOS operates at the intersection of creativity, technology, philosophy and business by organizing events, educational programs, experimental research and by supporting the production of artistic projects.

Our mission is to build bridges between thinkers and visionaries from across Romania and the world at large, and provide them with an ever-evolving variety of platforms for exchange. Our goal is to connect and inspire, in order to deepen mutual understanding across our ever-expanding community and to enable ourselves to grow with a common global consciousness: as a single species, through a common essence, and with, in Aristotle’s terms, our collective eidos.